Vi har åpnet ny avdeling

Welcome to the Hereford Steakhouse Majorstuen

After eight fantastic years in the City Centre, we are thrilled to introduce our new branch of Hereford Steakhouse.

Our passion is to serve you, and that is why we offer Oslo's best steak and first-class service at a reasonable price. 

Our new department at Majorstuen is the perfect place for small gatherings, romantic dinners, or a relaxing dinner after work. 

With an intimate and inviting environment, our restaurant is designed to give you a unique experience. We are proud to be able to offer a menu selection that stands out, with a focus on quality and taste in every dish. 

Get ready for a culinary journey that combines the comfort of a neighborhood spot with the luxury of fine dining.

 Join us for unforgettable moments and exclusive meals! 

 Kirkeveien 57, 0368 Oslo

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